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Thanks for the 2020 season

Thanks to all Camping guests

After a warm month of September that allowed many people to enjoy Lake Como before the advent of autumn, October has arrived, with its first autumn days and the first fresh winds. The 1st of November, the last day of opening of our Camping for the season 2020 is now close, and we [...]

September Ladybird

September camping holidays

September weekend in Domaso "Summer is ending, and a year is going away". This is how the famous 1985 song "L'estate sta finendo" by Righeira began, so dear to Italians who grew up in that period. For many nostalgics of the 80s it is the perfect soundtrack for the period that is slowly approaching: the [...]

Be-Vanlife at Camping North Wind Domaso

They talk about us

In Germany, they talk about Camping North Wind Domaso In the previous article we told you about Thomas, the 34-year-old German entrepreneur who, during a holiday at Camping North Wind Domaso, developed his new business idea. If you haven't read his story yet, you can find the article at the following link: smark working at the camping [...]

Summer blog summary

Summer summary from the North Wind Domaso campsite

Index of summer articles camping North Wind It 's just past mid-August and despite the unhappy predictions that circulated from March to May, concerning the tourist season 2020 and the emergency covid, here in Domaso on Lake Como we are in full season. The efforts made by all tour operators, to come out winners from the [...]